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Mobile Clients - Improve Library Discovery UX


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      Mobile Clients - Library Discovery UX


      Multi Library Client library discovery enhancement

      This is a proposal to improve the discovery UX for users seeking to find libraries and collections they are entitled to and provide a better communication of brand and identity for a participating institution.

      User Stories

      • As a user I want to explore what libraries use SimplyE and add them to my app.
      • As a user I want to find libraries near me
      • As a user I want to add my libraries to one app.
      • As a library I want to communicate my brand to SimplyE users who could be a member of my library.
      • As a nonprofit interested in providing access to the ebooks I want my collection in SimplyE.

      Mere location is good for connecting people to their local library. However, for libraries that are not geographically bound, geolocation may add to many libraries to the result list or eliminate users from exploring and discovering new libraries.

      Proposed Solution
      Just like a catalog can be presented via OPDS as a feed of books (e.g. their book jacket) as a curated list or groups of books, libraries logos or collection brands could be organized an opds feed for a user to browse and explore with minimal client application development. Apple provides a potential model an OPDS publication discovery UX in its News App. Each library can be the “cover” icon to a link to their OPDS feed collection. This allows folks to explore libraries collections and hopefully drive membership through online card sign ups when users attempts to borrow or become a member of their library.



      • Each Publication cover would be the library or stand alone collections e.g. NYPL, BPL vs Project Gutenberg, Standard eBooks, Unglue.it The Plus sign adds the library to you app so you can add you account credentials.
      • The swim lanes show the provided categories such and SimplyE Classics or other open for all collections from SimplyE.
        Recommended for you
        Could be based on your location.
      • The other searchable categories would be for
      • Special Access collections like NLS, Bookshare, or Open eBooks.
      • Open Education Resources from Library of Congress and others
      • World Collections like Library4 All, Internet Archive, Digital World Library,
      • US state by state collections like Connecticut, California, Maryland, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, with their respective consortia or large independent system libraries represented.

      As collections and libraries join the SimplyE ecosystem we become the defacto resource for users looking for books. We would be the application of choice for readers because it will have (for free) the deepest inventory, greatest breadth of content.


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